The Issues


Kymberly believes that we must return to an educational system with less bureaucracy and one that allows teachers to teach and principals to lead. In her next term, she will advocate for smaller learning environments (schools within schools) that encourage learning based on a students’ chosen career path. She will support auditing the Department of Education where half the state’s general fund goes. This audit is not to find fault but to discover where we can manage more efficiently and acquire more funding to go directly to the classroom.


Kymberly helped to provide $50 million to build affordable housing, homeless shelters and job training programs to help residents get better paying jobs. Kymberly voted against all tax increases because Hawaii residents are already the highest taxed citizens. As the author of the $1 billion Waste and Mismanagement Study, Rep. Pine believes there are still many areas in government that must be investigated for waste. Rep Pine wants the food tax credit to be restored to middle class and low income families who are just getting by.


Kymberly believes that our recent electrical bills are unacceptable. She will help to lower electricity costs by providing affordable renewable energy to Hawaii residents. She will work to remove overly strict barriers to companies who want to develop, invest in or sell alternative energy. She will improve the infrastructure to Hawaii’s electric grid, explore biofuels that need less energy to produce, as well as wind, wave, solar, and geothermal energy. She will also work to set a fairer wholesale rate for renewable energy purchase.


Rep. Pine will continue her work on bringing more jobs to the Ewa plain, more connector roads to Kapolei and Waipahu, increased Bus service to and from Ewa Beach, and an improved and new ferry service to Pearl Harbor and to downtown. She will support the voter’s choice on mass transit, contra flow lanes on Fort Weaver Road, and synchronized lights on Fort Weaver Road. She will also work to ensure that all Ewa road projects such as the North South Road, the Fort Weaver Road Widening, the Fort Barrette Road Widening, and East West Connector Road stay funded and on track.


Rep. Pine has spoken out against illegal dumping on Ewa Beaches, graffiti and arson. She introduced and supported legislation increasing the penalties for these crimes. Today our beaches and parks are cleaner and safer than it was four years ago. She will continue her efforts to eliminate crime in Ewa Beach and pass tougher crime laws, especially for heinous crimes.

DELIVERING affordable health care

Kymberly pressed for affordable prescription drugs, tort reform, and more federal funds to reduce the cost of health care for Ewa residents. She will continue her efforts to make health care affordable and will introduce legislation to eliminate taxes on prescription drugs, hospital visits and other health related care. Hawaii is one of the few states that tax residents for food and hospital care.