Representative Kymberly Pine pulled her papers to run for the Honolulu City Council District 1 seat

News Release from Rep Kym Pine HONOLULU – Just a day after her last legislative day at the State Capitol, Representative Kymberly Pine pulled her papers Friday to run for the City Council District 1 seat. She currently serves as the State Representative of Ewa Beach, District 43. “The people’s work is done. It is.. read more →

07 May 2012
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Rep. Kymberly Pine will ask the Honolulu City Council to repave Pohakupuna Road

Kymberly Pine is now running for the Honolulu City Council. Rep. Kymberly Pine will ask the Honolulu City Council to repave Pohakupuna Road. Years ago, the City completed a pothole patch job but repairs were quickly damaged from regular wear and tear. Leeward residents have been waiting for this road to be paved for many.. read more →

Rep Kymberly Pine to ask Honolulu City Council to repair bathrooms at Oneula Beach Park

Update: KYMBERLY PINE IS NOW RUNNING FOR HONOLULU CITY COUNCIL.  Representative Kymberly Pine will ask members of the Honolulu City Council to repair and reopen the public bathrooms at Oneula Beach Park. The park’s bathrooms have been closed for a year. As residents of Ewa Beach know all too well, the City has left the.. read more →

Kym Pine and Dog Bounty Hunter

Dog and Beth Chapman discuss crime bills. read more →

Kymberly Pine For Health and Human Services

Health Care Costs on the Rise During these tough economic times, what expenses are not increasing? Kaiser just announced price increases, and now HMSA is following their lead for a third consecutive year. Despite posting large profits, HMSA proposed increases will have totaled 30% since 2010! Read the full article on the Honolulu Star Advertiser by.. read more →

Unconferenz 2012

Today, I was happy to attend this years Unconferenz 2012 at KCC. This conference had sessions that focused on Social Innovation, the Hawaii Innovation Alliance, Code for America, Hawaii’s Broadband Initiative, Design Thinking and many more. I felt it was a very productive meeting that I hope will lead to a long and positive relationship.. read more →

Kymberly Pine on Public Safety

Opening of New Freeway Interchange Eases Kapolei Traffic Finally, the project that began in 2009 and was over 94% federally funded, has been completed! This should help ease traffic and help businesses in downtown Kapolei. This is a good sign for encouraging growth in our second city, and some added help for those who live.. read more →